Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jarrad Hewett writes...

6 July 2014

Lots of great new Energy as we roll into July. Whatever you've been doing - whether you've felt stuck, on repeat, sliding "back," there is a shift going on right now that has actually caused a lot of people to feel like they were stuck and not moving forward.

What's that Energy?

Expansion... June held a great space to integrate and be still. There was a space opening up, but for that space to birth, it's as if a lot of old roads and choices - all still open and valid - were fading out, even the ones that seemed new!

Why? Because collectively, there was a jump into a higher space. That's why a lot of you who wrote in were feeling like energies just weren't moving. The good news is, THEY WERE! So much so, that on a very "high" level, we were being still so that we would not limit in any way what was coming and the opportunities that this new opening created.

So... welcome to July! The space has arrived. YOU have arrived. Now is the time to focus on joy and prosperity and opening up, because what's in store collectively in the next six months is BIG.

We'll be talking about this energy, what it means, how to allow and expand into it, and so much more this July in our  New Monthly Membership. You can check out everything we'll be doing live as well as the personal energy work that will be done here

I will also be diving into abundance on From Heartache to Joy with Eram Sayeed, and we will be taking calls. We always have some awesome questions and amazing work, so I look forward to being able to talk with you and share some really powerful openings. That event is absolutely free, and you can register for call times with me and over a dozen other well known healers by clicking here!

AND, I'm really excited to announce my new youtube channel! I posted a sneak peak of my new Summer look on Facebook yesterday, and I am looking forward to making videos and learning how to do video calls

(WHAT?!? I KNOW!!)

Get ready to explore energy in a whole new way. Below, you'll find the video for "Release Everything."

Listen over and over again to help you release WHATEVER is limiting you in the creation and experience of love. Wherever you get stuck, Whatever holds you back, Learn to Release it NOW!

This amazing 16 minute Healing and Meditative Session is set to music and layered with incredibly POWERFUL and potent frequencies.

Mild Caution: You may experience a gentle energetic or emotional release which is helpful in accelerating and deepening your capacity for lasting, positive change. Because of the very high frequencies present in this track, Jarrad does not recommend listening any more than twice a day.Jarrad Hewett's Release Everything Energy Journey
Feel free to subscribe to the youtube channel, leave comments, and share these video calls and journeys with anyone who might resonate.

Namaste, and lots of love,

Jarrad :)

P.S. I've got a WHOLE NEW WEB SITE to explore with all kinds of awesome stuff. Stop by and check out the updates and let us know what you think!

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