Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Notes from Awakening Zone with Dee Wallace 07APR2014

Once you set your Intention, once you commit to yourself and what you want, the whole Universe opens up to give it to you.

I claim and direct my energy to Know that I Am the Highest Information and Knowledge from the world of All and Unlimited Possibilities, with the Highest Understanding Possible.  It is my commitment to serve Myself, others, the world, the Universe, and Atmosphere through Divine Love, in this way.  And So It Is.

When I direct Energy, It Is DONE.

When Energy is in Balance, then we are in Choice about our Direction of it.

For Whatever part of Me that isn't on board with really Embracing and Knowing that once I Direct the Energy, it is Directed, I Invoke the Symbol, the Formula, the Infinity Equation, All of which expand the statement of "I Am Divine Love" and the Experience of it, also.

I embrace this simplicity - when I go to the kitchen sink and look at the faucets, I KNOW that when I turn on the faucet, the water is going to come on.

When I Keep the Faith and the Focus, My Commands will come to pass.

If there are 2 electrons under a microscope and I focus on only one of them, the other one will literally go away!

A PAST mistake in Creating is not letting God in, thinking I've gotta do it all myself.

I Allow Myself to be Free in Creating and Allow the Universe to Work With Me.

Fear Around First Self-Creation...

I Am Not Loved - and if I'm not Loved by the Universe, how can the Universe help me Create Anything?

I AM the God of Me that Loves Me enough to re-create that right now!  It is instantaneous.  The Universe is waiting for Me to Know that I Am Loved by It, so that I can Experience that fully and Create for Myself.

I Direct Myself to Accept the Truth in This Moment, that I Am Loved and Honored by the Universe and the Universe of Myself, and that I Am Ready, Willing, Able, to Create for MySelf in Every Way, that I want it, I need it, I Deserve it, I Attract it, I Never have a Problem with it, and I Am Able to Do It.  Around All of This, I Claim the Symbol, the Formula, the Infinity Equation, all of which simply expands out, "I Am Divine Love." And So It Is.

Knowing This or Being it...

The Universe Loves Me Unconditionally.  I Love Myself Unconditionally and Am Totally Willing and Able, in this Moment, to Create for MySelf.

Creation is Fun when I Know I Can Create Because the Universe Loves Me and I Love Me.
I Am Ready, Willing, and Able to have Fun with This!

I Acknowledge right now, in this moment, that I just Directed, was Acknowledged by the Universe, and Shifted Creation within My World.

I Am So Amazing!  I've made up my mind and I'm doing it!  I stay conscious of everything that I want to create, focused on my desires.

The accelerated heart rate is around nurturing Myself.

Acknowledging Fear of Abandonment...

If I live a life in fear of abandonment, the biggest person I've abandoned is myself.

If I live a life in fear of abandonment, I have abandoned Myself and the Knowing that I Create Always Being Accepted, Taken Care of, Honored, and Held Safe in the World, and have abandoned myself as the creator of myself and therefore my heart accelerates with panic.

My problems with my knees are related to abandonment and self- abandonment - and feeling rejected for what I Am, in the sense of being totally unappreciated, full of repressed resentment and anger and repressed desire to hit someone.  The person I want to hit is Myself... which is what happened to my knees - I metaphorically Hit them.  I've Got To Re-program My Self - That I Am Accepted and Honored in this Life.  I am not rejected, I AM Accepted, I AM Honored, and I Have to Be The Main One Doing the Accepting and Honoring, My Acceptance and Honor is the Most Important.

I stop continuously ruminating and recriminating over my indignities and clinging to every item.  I create a new world by having the new thought that I Am Accepted and Honored in this Life.  I absolutely can create consistency in my body, mind, soul, and spirit.  I have to have the new thought to replace the old, 'Well, it's always been this way' thought to create a different body.  I was loving myself by allowing my body to say, "Look Here!  This is what this is about!"  Our bodies are our greatest servants in this lifetime.  So, when stuff shows up in our bodies, we need to ask, where do I need to look in my energy?

Your knee supports you, it takes you where you want to go, it allows you to be mobile and active.  When your knee goes out - you are not supporting You!

Around all of the above - I Am Claiming the Formula, the Symbol, the Infinity Equation, I AM Divine Love, with an Open Heart.

I Am Divine Love.  It is my clear choice and direction that I AM Honored, I Am Accepted, that I Come Forward for Myself and the world comes forward in every way through Divine Love, that I Absolutely AM the Creator that Directs My body to be strong and agile and full of support for the God that I AM, these are my distinct claims, through Divine Love, the direction of my Energy, by my Energy to create this now! And So It IS!  And So It is Done!

I go into my heart center and KNOW it was this easy!  It is Done!  My Entire world shifted in this moment!  I AM Willing to Experience that right Now!  I AM Love and Joy.  I Am Freedom!  I AM Excitement!  The Universe is here to Support me!

Self-abandonment leads to not knowing self-worth and deserving.

I AM A Great soul that came in to realize - No matter what - I Am Special, I Am Magnificent, I Am God, I Am Wanted, I Am Appreciated, I Am Taken Care of in this world No Matter What.  The Great Souls take on the Great Challenges.  Even at the age of 3, I created being taken care of - I acknowledge this Now.  I Allow myself to Love Myself Madly and come forward for Myself Powerfully Now.  It wasn't a happenstance - I was already exploring how to create the experience of being taken care of at the age of three so that I would know, even when I couldn't take care of myself, that I actually was taking care of myself by creating somebody to do it.

I Am Pretty Awesome!  I Experience the Expanding out of how Awesome I Am!  I Do for me what I would happily do for anybody else.  From here forward - I AM Here for ME, like I've never Been Here Before! - Joyfully, with Fun, Excitement, with Freedom!  I AM Balanced and in Alignment!

I hold my Focus, with my thoughts and my perspective and my feelings, on Freedom and Love and Wow!  I Am the God of me that always comes forward for the God of Me.  I Support Me.  I Am Always there for Me.  The Universe matches that.  My Body matches that.  My Money matches that.  I Belong to Belonging!

Before getting up in the morning - I Direct My Knowing of This - I Direct these things, I remind Myself of these things, I feel the Joy of these things, I direct My Hara Line to be straight, strong, and through my ID point so that I stay in my Knowing around these things.  And then My World has got to turn around to match these things because the world of Me has turned around.

I can Always Appreciate my own Greatness.  I Am in Alignment, Balance, and Harmony!  I Feel lots more Joy.  I Feel lots more Power.  I Have a Lot More Clarity! The more I keep my Energy of Self-Love in Alignment, the more my Body will follow.

My first job, My first blessing, is to Always come forward to support myself in every way and to acknowledge the Greatness of who I AM.  And So It Is!
I Am the God of my own self-will.  And So It Is!

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