Monday, December 9, 2013

Jarrad Hewett writes

A Pre-Welcome "Welcome" and a Special Invocation
Welcome to old friends and new :)

I wanted to take a moment to check in with you all and set an intention for the next 21 days (and really beyond, as we begin to move into 2014).

I began working on the group late last night.

It was very brief, but it felt like "herding" the energy a bit :) ...getting everyone together to start the show (sort of like how theaters flicker their lights just before start time).

Today, there's going to be a really short clearing energy, followed by a burst of detox (emotional, etc). Then for tonight, I heard "Silent Night" which matches what has been coming in for our intention.

Tonight I'm going to do a little work around joy and peace. My intention for December is to be - which means the full physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric, and anything else, Experience Of - Joy, Love, Home.

With that comes an overwhelming peace that surpasses understanding - in other words, the heart knows and feels and is that frequency to the point that it radiates out and is received and sent back to you in kind by all energy, everywhere as everything and everyone.

Do you believe that is possible?

Let's all invoke the formula there and continue with the invocation, choice, and knowingness that:

"I chose to own all of my energies that are less than the True Light and Love that I am. I choose to keep all energies of sabotage, victimization, anger, rage, and all other lower vibrations to myself for free transmuting by all that I Am within myself. I know that I am accountable and responsible for all that I am, all that I do, and all that occurs to me and for me. I choose to stand firm in my choice and direction that I AM THAT I AM and that any energy of sabotage, victimization, anger, rage, destruction or any lower vibration or energy in any shape or form be transmuted by me and through me. Any stories, attachments, energies, fears, collectives, contracts, chords, beliefs, non-beliefs, etc that are not serving me in the knowingness that I AM THAT I AM, I now knowingly and consciously direct that these all be transmuted by the True Light of All That Is. For any and all energy present or not present in my hologram and totality beyond the known and unknown planes, spaces, dimensions, and creations, I invoke the formula and 267 - the frequency of the beingness of Divine Love - and claim and know that any fear around transmutation equaling obliteration/death/destruction that may have arisen during the meditation, calls, or energy work is hereby balanced by invoking the creation formula, which I now do. I Am That I Am, and I hereby claim responsibility and love in all aspects and for all aspects of my life and world. I am the creation of me. I am the highest answer, and I am healed, and everything is balanced around the knowingness and beingness that I am. I acknowledge and affirm that loving myself is joyful and that I am Divine Love expressing as gratitude, love, joy, and abundance which I now define and know as the wholeness that I am. I am committed to One Happy Prosperous and Healthy Whole and that makes me happy! And it's easy, simple, quiet, and complete now and consistently."

Allow the white diamond energy of you as Source to sweep away any resistance.

Invoke the violet flame to gently remove any old perceptions, beliefs, or stories about letting go, releasing, being, etc, on all levels.

Abundance is not just a feeling, and it is not just a beingness associated with love or money - it is all things.

It is always having and being in a knowing state of enough. "Enough" as in you have enough for whatever and whoever and more after that - and so on and so forth into infinity.

You are the infinite flow of all that is.

This December, choose to know that. Choose to be that, and choose to give yourself the Ultimate Gift: YOU. You who knows I Am That I Am.

And so it is.

Feel into the Knowingness of your Inner Presence and begin to bring to birth the expansion and expression of all that you are as the Light of You - joyously balanced and integrated in all ways.

Together, we can all claim:

I am the frequency of the balance of choice and creation, in the radiation of my light, as the electrical charge of The electromagnetic whole within the whole; I am the thought that creates.
I am power, love, joy and choice.
I claim this for all energy in all dimensions.


With love as we begin our celebration and journey,


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