Sunday, October 13, 2013

What to say when you are joyful one minute and feeling drugged and dragged down the next

(Notes from the replay of Anah Maa that will be available for 5 more days.)

Oh, hell, No.  You're not gonna hurt me.  You're not gonna control me.  You're not gonna modulate my frequency.

I'm gonna become empowered. I'm gonna get off your grid.  I'm gonna turn off your AM station and I'm gonna turn on the FM station that I really enjoy, that empowers me, that makes me feel sane, that makes me feel whole, that makes me feel complete, that I Am creative and inspired by and that I can dance and sing to.

Intent is The Way to The Light.

Thank you for allowing me to come and be present into your world, into your life, into your experience of the 5th dimensional Earth, by choosing to be who I authentically am, to be seeking the Truth.

I intend to be Happy.  That is Enough.  I intend to be Happy.  I intend to be Free.  I keep that as my main focus.  I intend to be happy and I intend to be Free.

I Am Happy and I Am Open and I Am Allowing and Accepting All Help, All Assistance, All Guidance, All Wisdom, All Love, and All Light, and All of God's Grace, Creator's Blessings, to Help Me Be Free.  I choose to Be Free.  I choose to Be Happy.  I choose to be Me.  I choose to know who I Am Authentically. (not who they taught me I am, and not who they said I have to be.)

I Am starting a purification process - to empower myself and get off their grid.

God, I want you to take away all their programming, all of their markers, all of their signatures, all of their implants, anything in my subconscious, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric bodies, for all time and all places, take it all.  I don't want any of it.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I open my heart and receive Kindness, and Nurturing, and Acceptance, and Self-Acceptance, and Self-Love, and Guidance, and Healing, and Self-Realization, and Lightness of Freedom.  And so it is.

It is my intention that only that which is Love and Light may enter my space and my experience.  I wash the shame off of my past and feel only Self-Love flowing thru Me and My Open Heart of Compassion.

I disconnect from disruptive attempts to distract me.  I ask my Family of Light to be my Gatekeepers and to stop all energies and entities that are fear-based from entering my space and my experience and So It Is!

I choose thoughts that empower me and lift me up.  I honor my feelings and let them go.  I choose up-lifting thoughts.

I Trust Myself.  I Trust My Brilliance.  I Am The Divine and I call in The Divine to come in and mirror that for me constantly.

I pray for the healing and releasing of the fear that is inside of me.

I don't have to forgive anyone until I have held them accountable and dealt with the rage.

I Am Being the Violet Fire.
I Am the Purity that God desires.

I Am Grace in motion.


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