Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jarrad Hewett wrote:

The Biggest Live Activation Yet!

Wow. That's really all I can say. First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who joined in on the amazing energy circle we created this past Thursday. The meditations and activations (you read that right, I did multiples) were off the charts. I heard back from several of you via facebook who thought this was my best call ever.

He just obliterated my knee pain...
-Sue in Torrance

The energy today is more "alive" than I've ever felt!!! I actually started feeling the amazing energy surge about an hour before the call started.
-Stacy in Ainsworth

-Mary in San Jose
Loved this call and Jarrad!! I had to go pick up my son so pulled over during the activation and started burping, hiccupping, and yawning afterwards!! Lol! That's called a kicker!! ;)

Because of the great response, Darius is making this call available

for 48 hours with no opt in required (which means you can just click and play - you don't have to enter your email or anything!).



Jarrad Hewett  -  Ultimate Activations: Activate The Life You Want Now!
This replays will only be available through the weekend (free) so take advantage, now :) You can also share this on facebook or twitter just by copying and pasting the url. This was an amazing call filled with some really intense energy and awesome activations!

Jarrad assisted me with a 50 plus year insomnia issue that was never mine but was under the radar on EVERY type of work I have tried over 25 years. He IS the real deal!

-Maryanne in Ocala

Thanks, Jarrad. I have been with you on your programs since April. You are an amazing and gifted healer. Namaste. You have helped me changed my life exponentially.
This is for anyone! Jarrad has done so much for me this year. He goes the extra mile for everyone in his groups.
-Janice in Sacramento
Darius, I cannot tell everyone how INCREDIBLE this package is. If anyone is hesitating about joining Ultimate Access, tell them to do it. They will be forever changed, forever grateful. Much Love

I have been working with Jarrad for couple of months now after being totally new to energy work. The most amazing shift has been with my teens. As my energy and attitude changes, so did my relationship with them. From a very difficult situation, I am truly having fun and joy with them. And that is changing them into who they are. That is something every mom wants!
-Annemarie in Annapolis

In addition to this call, Darius is also featuring some great calls from some other amazing healers and energy experts. These calls will also be up through the weekend at absolutely no charge:

Marilyn Alauria  - Your Soul's Connection to Money: Engaging the power of your Joyful Wealth
Larry Crane  -  The Enlightenment Method: A Practical Approach to Mastering Oneness In your Life
Dr. Alex Loyd  - Your Hidden Master Key to Success!

Darius has let me know that these calls will come down after 48 Hours, so make sure to give them a listen over the weekend.  There were over 167,424 people included in this powerful intention circle, so you will really be able to feel the energy!

This call was unlike anything else out there and very powerful!

Enjoy the calls and thank you for supporting me!

Lots of love,

Jarrad Hewett

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