Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dee Wallace writes...

~Happy Fun-Labor Day~

Have some fun, will you? This creation stuff is just too serious for many of you, which MIGHT just be the reason it's not as successful as you'd like.
Let's be sure that:
1) The definition of easy and effortless creation is that I know what I want, I say what I want, I allow what I want, and the Universe helps me. Now, and all the time.
2) I deserve all this.
3) The world is a matrix. I get to pick the door, the flavors and  the colors I desire. But I DO have to pick.

We know that the more we live AS love, be the being of love that is our inherited DNA, the easier and more abundantly we create.
We know that joy is the close creative companion of love.
We know that everything is Light, and that everything is manifested through focusing that light. Great things are manifested through focusing the light through love, toward any "thing" wishing to be manifested.  (Italics mine - this is what I needed to see this morning)  We know WE are light, and ergo, we must focus the light of Us, or it goes willy-nilly to whatever takes our attention.

So let's put this into one simple, fun sentence. I am the joyous light of love that says and experiences exactly what I want, deserves to get it, and knows that I have it now. And I want balance and love and harmony and ease and effortlessness and fun and joy and a healthy body and lots of money and a great partner and friends to share it all with!  Oh yeah...and sex. Great sex. Fun and passionate sex. Are we having fun yet?

That's what I pick. Of all the doors, I pick those. I pick the "I love me and I rock the world" door, too.
I pick "the world loves me and is on my side" door, also.
I push the Easy Button.
Know what you want and go dancing. Go to the beach. Have fun. Love life. That's as simple as it gets. Just hum the song "Don't worry, be happy," and go along your merry way and enjoy your life. Life is simply too long not to!

Blessings, Dee

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