Thursday, August 22, 2013

Peace, Love, Joy, Music

At Christmas, I channeled a greeting card.  It says,

Today and Every Day,
I Am Peace,
I Am Love,
I Am Joy.

Now and in Every Moment,
I choose Peace,
I choose Love,
I choose Joy.
From this day Forward,
I live in Peace,
I live in Love,
I live in Joy.
I Am Blessed.
I Am Loved.
I Bless My Life.
And So It Is.

I start my day reciting this, usually before I'm 100% awake.
This morning, it was my intention to recite this, as usual.
It came out:
I Am Light,
I Am Love,
I Am Music.

That's not the first time I've said I Am Music without it having been my conscious choice.
Like I Am Joy, it also means I Am Sending out Love to the World, the Universe, the One.

I've always felt this song was channeled from The One.  Listen to the words.  Enjoy!

I Write the Songs, written by Bruce Johnston

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