Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dee Wallace writes on August 27th:

My Beautiful Souls!

I feel compelled to write this:
Many "responsible" people are touting and giving energy to what they are still calling The Dark Side. Let me outline the principles for you

"As You Believe, It Is Delivered" (and experienced) By You

Ergo: IF you believe in the dark side, it must be created by you.

According to the channel, ALL dark energy is created, strengthened, and propelled by FEAR.


Let go of fear and BE LOVE, and watch the dark side fall away.

I am including, free of charge, a two hour webinar on this subject. Please listen to this valuable information so the hundredth monkey can move 

OUT OF THIS FEAR. It is crucial that we do our part to create love. As in Neal Donald Walsch's book, Conversations With God, it clearly states:

In the end there is only one question:  Fear....or Love?  

I am also including the link to Jarrad Hewett's important recordings on this subject. They are enlightening and powerful. Entities, Sovereignty, and The Matrix. 

If you'd like to hear more from Jarrad & Dee the Shift Calls are available! 
Check out... 


Dee xo

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