Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sending Love to Yourself

Dee Wallace says the channel told her that all we need to do now, to heal our bodies, is to send Love to ourselves, without thinking about what body part is in need of healing.  Just stop in the moment that you become aware that you are not 100% in an area and send yourself Love.

I didn't know how to do that, so I decided to find a way to do it a piece at a time.

I went to my meditation space.  I have an altar with crystals and succulents and stuffed animals and petrified wood on it.  It changes as things come and go in my life.  That's what's there today.

First, I realized that I was being judge-y and thinking that I might do it wrong.  So I told myself to stop that.

Then, I invited everyone who loves me, who has passed over to the other side, to gather around and send me Love.  WOW!  Waves and waves of Love washed over and thru me.  So, now I knew what receiving Love was going to feel like when I was sending Love to me.

Next, I realized that my heart was closed.  Again it was about fear of doing it wrong.  This time I asked my loved ones to send Love directly to my heart center.  WOW!!  The top of my head blew open and all the Light in the Universe rushed in and rushed out simultaneously, like a Kundalini  experience. (I Love it when that happens.)

But my heart center walls held and it still was not open.  So I told my loved ones that it was my Intention to Open my heart center.  They sent more Love and my heart center grew, like a balloon that had dry paint on it with the Love shining thru where the paint cracked.  The cracks got bigger and the balloon burst and Love was flying Everywhere.  WOW!!!  So now I knew, once again, what it felt like to send Love.  I radiated Love out to the Universe in every direction.

To recap, I now knew what it felt like to receive Love and to send Love, so all I had to do was send Love to myself and receive it.

I wondered for a second about how to send Love to me and then I Knew, Just Intend!

I AM Sending Love To Me. WOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!

I AM Receiving Love from Me.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!

It's nice.  You should try it.  :D

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