Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Morning Spiritual Time

Repeat this ten times:

I Call on All of the Light
in All of the Universe
to Come and 
Just Pour Through
All of Me.

And now I Know I AM, from front to back, from side to side, from top to bottom and three feet more in every direction, I Know I AM My Heart Center.  I Am My Heart Center.  I AM One with myself.  I AM Whole, Autonomous, and Complete.  I radiate Light in every direction.

Repeat this 10 times:

I call on All the Light
in All the Universe
to Come and Pour Through
All of the darkness on Earth.

And now I Know that I radiate Light from My Center outward.  I Illuminate My Field first and then I Illuminate the Earth.  I AM a Beacon of Light, Radiating Light into every corner on Earth.  And so it is.  And so I AM.

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