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Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace from the 18th of July, 2013

This is essential information for manifesting everything.  Please Listen Here:

Conscious Creation 18JUL2013

Transcribed Portions of the show:

Hello all you Amazing! Fabulous! Incredible! Magnificent! Really, Truly Loved! and Pretty Darned Sexy People!  Yes, I emphasized everything today - for a reason - because I want you commit to all those things that I just said.  I want you to commit that You Are - I AM Magnificent! Fabulous! Loved! Sexy! Beautiful! and Intelligent!  Alive! and Healthy! and MoneyFlow!  I AM MoneyFlow!  WooHoo!

This week is all about Commitment. ...Read the eBlast.  Watch the Links!  (to get the eBlast, go to and also receive a free Meditation)  PLEASE Watch the Links!  Everything is Possible!

Wednesday, July 24th, from 7 to 9 PM PST - important webinar called Holding the Focus on Self-Love.
We know that if we want to Heal or Create anything, it's done with Self-Love.  Sign up at  See also Creation Station I & II

False Humility - It's keeping us from our Power.  How much do you Appreciate and Honor Yourself?
Any kind of small, medium, large, or huge accomplishment needs to be acknowledged.  Stop and go Wow!  I'm pretty awesome.  Look what I did!  Look what I do.  Look how many people's lives I touch.  And really sit in those moments of experience and allow yourself to embrace the greatness of you.  That is a part of Self-Love.  If we are not doing that, we are not supporting ourselves in Self-Love.  We're not living in the experience that we would with a beloved other, for example.  With a beloved other, we think about them, we think how special they are, how beautiful they make us feel.  How much time are we doing that with ourselves?

Come forward, consciously, open your hearts, please, and really feel this statement:

I Am Validated, Accepted, Appreciated, Empowered, Honored, and Praised - by Myself, by the World, and the Universe.

Let's say it again.  Open your heart and go to that Love space, that moment of Love and Joy.

I Am Validated, Accepted, Appreciated, Empowered, Honored, and Praised - by Myself, by the World, and the Universe.  And So It Is.

From Fear is a Frequency, by Peggy Black
(Print this and Keep it.)
Each time you uplift the frequency, you uplift an aspect of the Whole.  Each time you clear an emotion that blocks your personal awareness and power, you are offering this to the collective.  You are bringing more conscious Light to the matrix.  All that is hidden and now being revealed is because you are doing this work on a personal level.  Your vibrations, your emotions, your perceptions of reality are affecting your very DNA, as well as the reality you observed and the reality with which you interface.  The ultimate goal of the Divine Multi-dimensional being is to know that your heart, this incredible portal and chalice within the human form, resonates with the same frequency and vibration as you Earth's magnetic field.  Begin to tune in to this realization, that you heart and brainwaves and the Earth vibrate at the same rhythms.  You are an Alchemist, a transformer of emotional energy.  When you are feeling a strong emotion that can render you powerless, stop in the very moment you become aware and use all available tools of consciousness to transmute and convert those feelings to a higher more coherent frequency emotion,  Imagine that you can now broadcast that more coherent frequency emotion into the field of consciousness surrounding the planet.

From a Russian study:
Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, word, and thought.  This has now been scientifically proven and explained.

I Am Peace. I Am Love.  I Am Joy.  I Am Acceptance.  I Am Balance.

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