Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Symbol - reposting

This Symbol was channeled by Jarrad Hewett.  He calls it Quantum Healing.

I channeled this translation of this symbol and the introduction that precedes it.

If you don't speak a second language, you may not be familiar with how impossible it is to translate verbs exactly. Here are a couple of examples:

Subir – (Spanish) to move upward, lift, climb. Subir is the verb to use in these sentences: Open the window. Put this on top of the refrigerator. Climb a mountain.

In writing Chinese, one uses symbols. To create the symbol for War, one draws the symbol for Woman, then another identical symbol for Woman next to it, then draws the symbol for a Roof over these two Woman symbols, creating the concept 'two women under one roof' - war. Symbols are combined to create other concepts.

Run – to progress forward - Run a business, run a mile, run into an old friend.

So, when defining the 'words' in the message Quantum Healing, you will see that there are many meanings for each word. The difference being that All of the meanings apply, whereas only one definition of a verb applies in English, as in the sentence, 'Run to him.' This is true of the adjectives, too.

Also, the message is written with a very thick accent. Ah kin write in uh Texas aksient an yew can see whut Ah mean. This message's accent is LOVE. That's the best way I can explain the way Love permeates everything on the page.

There are three messages on the page. I was given definitions and roots of each 'word', as that is what I requested.

Let's start with the first word in the first message. The symbol looks like half of an infinity symbol with a dot above and below. This is spoken in that thick LOVE accent, as all of it is  and means,

"Aloha, Namasté, Greetings, Salutations, Infinitely, and I love you." 

Next, the body of the message. The symbol on the left is a clockwise spiral with a curving line closing back toward the spiral. The spiral portion means Peace, Infinite Divine Love, Light, All Energy in its most positive form, which is all time and space. The curving line means Incoming, Safety, Protected, Supported, Loved, Honored, and Gallantry. The two parts combined mean Receiving Incoming Divine Love, Peace, and Respect.  I Am Peace and I Am Receiving Love/Light are the same thing.

Next, we look at the similar symbol on the other side of the page. The spiral, once again, means Infinite Divine Love, Light, All Energy in its most positive form, which is all time and space, but being counter-clockwise, it also represents Expanding Joy. The curving line goes outward, opening up the Love, Sending it out, Enlightening the universe, and Sharing. Combined, the two parts mean Joy, Sending Love, Sharing Love, Celebration in all forms (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and consistently) and Unity.  I Am Joy and Sending Out/Radiating Love/Light are the same thing.

Between these two symbols are the two long wavy lines meaning Way, Path, Passage of “Time”, movement through “Space”, and heavily accented with LOVE means, "We are always loved while on the path in physical form."

The symbols between the long wavy lines are a mountain and a river. Each represents choices, challenges and opportunities. We may choose to tackle the obstacles, meet the challenges, or admire their beauty as we pass beside them from the top of the symbol to the bottom, moving through our lives.  Together they mean, "Live your life as you choose."

These symbols together make up the whole of the first message. Taken together they say, 

“Live your life as you choose, 
Receiving Divine Love in Peace and 
Rejoicing in Sending Out Divine Love.”

The closing symbol is a combination of the Aloha/Namesté symbol at the top and the spirals of Peace and Expanding Joy. It means 

"Infinitely Sending and Receiving Love 
to and from You, 
as You are All Energy 
and I Am All Energy 
as One Together."

(I'm shaking. This is twice as much information as I had when I started this translation. It's coming through more clearly every minute.)

Now we come to the second message, the fellow with the jagged lines around his head.

This human is Every Beloved Person who has ever lived on this planet. All sexes are represented. The Ankh, Infinity, and Forward Movement are its parts.

Humankind has moved forward out of the chaos of the jagged lines which represent the hellish, uncertain, 'unknown', fearful past on this planet. 'Unknown' in that we did not know that we were One. 

The symbol beneath Every Beloved Person is "I Promise" and the Aloha/Namasté symbol combined. The variation in the shape is slight but meaningful. It adds "I Promise" and when I heard those words, I saw a Rainbow.

"Every Beloved Person is leaving the past behind,
learning that We are One.
I Promise that it is so."

The symbols in the bottom right corner are a message about how life will be in the future.

The clockwise spiral is the Peace symbol.

The funky "I" has two curved horizontal lines, the Aloha/Namasté line on top and the lower curved line meaning emptiness.  The vertical line means separated. The symbol together means there is fullness in our being, love is all, we are fulfilled, and love one another completely.

(I always know when I've got the wording exactly right – the top of my head flies open and the Brightest Light flies in and out simultaneously.)

The triangle holds two symbols. The upper one is emptiness, the lower is fullness. This is the balance of yin and yang, essentially war, and it is encapsulated by the triangle, held separate from us, removed from our being. There is no balancing in the future, as All is One.

Lastly, we have a rather funky "T". Again, we see the symbol for emptiness, this time on top of a curved vertical line. This symbol indicates that we will be leaving behind the physical body as we know it. We will have new bodies, of our own choosing, with no history, baggage, or scars, only Joy and Love/Peace. Taken together they mean

"Heaven on Earth."

(Geez, I've never hit Save so many times in my life. I normally save at the end of every page. I've been instructed each time to save at the end of every paragraph.)

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