Saturday, April 27, 2013

Notes from Dee Wallace's Conscious Creation - Cutting Edge Energy Work

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Physical Healing: Everything starts in our Energy, then goes into our body.

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In healing our body, we need to understand that the body of consciousness is the brains, hearts, soul, spirit, emotions, and intentions which includes and effects our physical body and our brain.  That body of consciousness is our first ionosphere.   (All of this is explained in detail in the newsletter.)

The core of us is the God of us, which is all thought and all possibility and unlimited creation.  Surrounding that is our body of consciousness.

In every moment of Now, when we play with other energy, which we have to do to define who we are, in the moment of our choice we literally send messages into our body of consciousness, which is our first ionosphere, which gets bounced back to our core, defining whether we have created a limitation or freedom.

I/We are claiming the Symbol.  I Am Divine Love.  I/We are claiming I Am committed to being One Happy, Healthy, Prosperous Whole, and that makes me happy.  This is the message we are giving to hold, to our brains, hearts, souls, spirit, emotion, intention, and the core of us.   It is easy and simple and quiet and complete, now, consistently and forever.  We are claiming I Am the frequency of the balance of masculine, feminine, child, and belief systems, and the radiation of my Light within the electrical balance in the electromagnetic Whole within the Whole, also known as the brains, the hearts, the soul, the spirit, the emotion, and the intentions.  I invoke the rays, flames, and lights, and the golden light.  I Am Whole.  I Am God (and/in?) this is my power and I claim this for all energy, in all dimensions.  And so it is.  We are clearly directing all ionospheres to bounce back to us, "I Am All Possibility and All Limitation and I Support that Claim with every choice and reaction that I am consciously choosing."   We invoke the rays, flames, and lights, and the golden light around all of this.  And so it is.

This is the first 12:42 minutes.

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