Friday, April 6, 2012

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace, notes from 4/5/12

These are My notes. I have changed negative statements to positive.

I Am always given my fair share of things because I do not cooperate with the larger picture of life.

I always receive what I am directing my I AM presence to create for me.

My I Am power knows it can give to me what I Am asking for because I KNOW I do not cooperate with the larger picture that believes in lack and fear.

My I Am presence KNOWS I do not cooperate with the collective consciousness' mistaken beliefs.

Because I KNOW the universe delivers, things show up for me Miraculously and consistently.

I Am consistently granted my desires, my choices, my directions and my commitments. I KNOW that the universe is fulfilling this with, for me, as me, thru me, and to me. And so it is.

Around all this, all diseases, conditions, and ailments around mistaken beliefs in the collective consciousness, all frequencies that are off balance anywhere, I claim I AM the frequency of the balance of masculine, feminine, and child. I AM in alignment with the Light and I AM Divine Love.


1. There is no reason to struggle. = I live in ease and effortlessness.
2. Brighten and radiate your Light. = I shine my light to live freely and joyfully and happily.
3. Rejoice in your power. = I AM Powerful.
4. Sing the son of Life. = I sing the song of life that I AM.
5. Be as a small child, trusting in the universe. = I AM as a small child, allowing my naivete to create from the world of all possibilities.
6. KNOW that you are the highest answer. = I KNOW that I
AM the highest answer.
7. Trust yourself, as you are God. = I Trust me and my power to create.
8. KNOW the voice of God is your voice and vice versa. = I KNOW that the voice of God is my voice and that my voice is the voice of The One.
9. Fly. Soar. = I choose to fly.
10. Create Miracles. = I AM the miracle that creates the miracle.
11. I live in the moment.

I AM controlled and swayed by ONLY my beliefs and KNOWLEDGE, past, present, and future. I AM autonomous, external collective consciousness energies do not effect me. I AM my complete body of consciousness that KNOWS unconditionally that I AM the joyful creator of me and all of me is on board with that. I AM balancing all of this. I AM Divine Love. I invoke the rays, flames, and lights, the golden light. I AM the frequency of the balance of masculine, feminine, and child. I AM in alignment with the light and I AM Divine Love around all of this.

I AM Divine Love. I invoke the rays, flames, lights, the golden light.

I allow the past to fall away and I create my life in this moment.

I can get up every morning and KNOW I have never existed before this moment. In this moment, me and my life are totally new. Every opportunity is front of me. All possibilities are mine. What do I want to create today?

I accept the God that I Am and the creation that I Am and I KNOW I Am the creative force that I Am and my body accepts this and releases old patterns that no longer serve me.

I KNOW I have complete control of my energy.

The collective social consciousness is invading the energy of the world and effecting individuals, even though they don't believe the mistaken beliefs.

I ask all energy that wants to participate and shift this to come in to me NOW. I invoke the rays, flames, and lights, the golden light. It is my clear choice, direction, commitment, and implant in all energies, all time-space continuums, all ionospheres, and all ID points that I AM in control of me and therefore my world, as the God, the creative force that I AM. I AM the God of me. I create my world thru the thoughts I choose, the emotions I choose, my choice to keep my heart open, and by holding my focus on what I want. And so it is.

I AM Divine Love, I invoke the rays, flames, and lights, the golden light. I hereby balance the energy around the synapses of connection within the energy itself, within the brain of the whole (the collective), from the brain to me and vice versa.

I avail myself of the positive energy that is ALL to KNOW and expand and create.

I direct that I AM affected by ONLY the positive energy of the collective and the ALL. I affect ONLY those I choose to affect.

It is my choice and commitment to live in a continual state of balance and harmony and bliss and creation.

I direct my pituitary and pineal glands to open wide and receive all the light and all the knowledge of who I AM. The light and the knowledge are separate energies from fears and the limitations. I
AM choosing, claiming, and committing to connecting to the light and knowledge of all possibilities and the highest understanding of the God that I AM as the creator of my own realities and being.

I commit to staying in my heart and out of my logical mind. I make decisions based on my feelings and all unlimited possibilities, not my thoughts. I direct my mind to show me all the possibilities of how to accomplish everything I want.

I KNOW my body Knows where and how to perfect itself.

I AM Divine Love, I invoke the rays, flames, and lights, the golden light. For all aspects of me, for all parts existing anywhere, in any time/space continuum, in any dimensional form, past, present, future, anything in between, above and below, it is my clear direction that you integrate within me NOW. The whole of me must come forward to be the integrated whole of consciousness that I AM. You are under my direction, my I AM presence and I AM directing all the oneness, the wholeness of me to KNOW that I AM the creative force of me, that I AM beautiful, incredible health and wellness, financial abundance,ease, effortless joy, balance, harmony, and bliss in my world right now. This is my direction and my commitment as the God of me, to the God of me, as the wholeness of me. And so it is.

I accept me stepping out as the creative force of me that I AM. I trust it, I trust me, I trust the universe, and I'm going to fly. And here I go.

I AM Divine Love, I invoke the rays, flames, and lights, the golden light. I AM the light that creates ease in my body. I use the light that I AM to create perfect health. All dis-ease falls away when I use my light to create the belief that it can. I choose to KNOW that no dis-ease can resurface, once it is gone it can not come back. I so command it, I so demand it, I so KNOW it. And it is so.

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