Friday, February 3, 2012

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace, notes from 2/2/2012


Virtue = moral excellence or goodness, an inherent power to produce effects in an order of the angels

The 7 Virtues = faith/hope, love/charity, temperance, justice, prudence, courage, and restraint

It is Now a Virtue,
not only a moral obligation,
not only a blessing,
not only a Divine Order,
it is a Virtue to
Claim our Success and our Power thru Divine Love.

Examples of People Who KNOW Who They Are, What They Want, and Create it: Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, Gandhi, Oprah AND NOW US.
They shifted and changed the lives of many and the world we live because they KNEW who the were and had the Power to Claim Who They Were.


I AM the Creation of Me as the Virtue of Success and Power and I Honor That.

Anyone who is resisting that at all right now in 2012 will be experiencing physical body sensations.

I KNOW and TRUST That My I AM Presence Creates for Me in this Life Right Now.

My I AM Presence Creates from My Focus and My Choice of Both What I Want and the Emotion to go with it and My Open Heart and the Balance of Masculine, Feminine, and Child Energy.

I Create
1. Thru KNOWING that Those are the Things that Create and Direct My I AM Presence.

2. By Connecting to All Light, God, Angels, Rays, Flames, Everyone

3. From the White Light of ALL Infinite Possibilities.

4. By Feeling the Joy.

The meek may inherit the Earth, but they will not inherit Heaven on Earth.

I Claim, Choose, Honor, and AM the Virtue of Success and Power. And So It Is.

I Claim, Choose, Honor, and AM the Virtue of Success and Power in Being Love.

I Keep Focusing on and Directing that I AM the Balance of Masculine, Feminine, and Child within the Creation of the I AM that I AM, in order to hold firm, with my legs under Me, while I move into even more Power and

This is My Choice. I Love Myself Enough To Take this Leap, so I'm Gonna Commit to it with Joy and Knowing and Acceptance. I Joyfully Accept and Commit to the Choices I have made.

I Commit to the Love of Myself. I Open My Heart and Love Myself. And so it is.

I Am Divine Love. I AM Choosing that when I speak up and say what I feel, I say it with a strong voice and I also Choose to KNOW that if I choose not to speak up, that's as strong a choice as speaking up with a strong voice. It's My Choice to Create My joy the way I Choose and I'll do it in the moment, the way that it feels the best. And so it it.

I AM Divine Love and Invoke the Rays, Flames, and Lights. I choose a Happy Day, of Bliss and Love and Fabulousness, just because I create it that way. I don't have to fix anything, save anything, I just Create the Joy and the Power and the Success and the Virtue of that that I AM, that's my Claim and so it is.

All I do is Create the Flow of Money, it's just Energy Flowing thru me in receive/give with the rest of the world, just like my breath, just like Love, Money is just energy that flows thru me. So I bring it in and I send it out, in a balanced way and that makes me feel good. And so it is.

I Keep Creating Myself in Health, and Wealth, and Joy and Success and Power no matter what. I Love Me. I Choose to Create Me as Love and Joy and Acceptance and Health and Wealth and Divine Love. And so it is.

I Create Me as Health and Happiness and Power and Success and have absolutely no resistance to KNOWING that I create Everything in my Own Energy System and so my body has no reason to be susceptible to disease.

I am choosing to allow this to release. I don't need it. I honor , I love and I let it go. The lesson is done.

I AM Embraced, Honored, and Celebrated for My Convictions and Commitments of the Creation that I AM by My Self and Everyone Else. I Accept Myself, Love Myself Unconditionally, Embrace Myself, and Honor Myself for My Conviction to My Expansion. I AM Calling in All Energy that wants to participate in this. I AM the Virtue of Success and Power and I KNOW that in My conviction of My I AM as the Virtue of Success and Power that I AM that I Honor Myself, I Love Myself, I Applaud Myself, I Cherish Myself, and I Celebrate Myself and therefore that is the Direction I Give to All Energy to Support Me in That. And So it is.

I AM Divine Love. I Give Myself Permission to Fly into the Pure Joy of the Communication with this Energy. I AM going to receive information that is going to knock my socks off in a hugely Loving, Empowering, and Successful way. I Choose this Joy. I AM Always the Director of how fast, how much, and when I open my self to the Communication with this Energy. I AM the director; there is nothing to fear because I AM in charge.

I AM Fun. I AM Joy.

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