Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace, notes from 1/26/12



I Choose to be Love and Live in Love and Keep My Heart in Love. There is no reason for Forgiveness because there is no Judgment and no Past stories. I Choose to Live in My Heart with Love and So It Is.

I Commit to Being the Balance of Masculine, Feminine, and Child Energy within the Joy, Balance, and the Love that I AM. I Claim this and I Hold this Intention and I Make this Shift NOW.

I AM Committed to Love, I AM Committed to Being Love, to Experiencing Love in Every Way.

I AM Committed to Joy.

I AM Committed to Unity.

I AM Committed to the Creation, the Experience, the KNOWING, and the Living in The Unity of Oneness.

I AM KNOWING. My Energy is Created as KNOWING.

I Accept the Power of My Channel. I Trust My Self and My Guidance. I Trust that the Voice I AM Hearing Is the God Voice, Because I Have Asked. The Voice is God and It is God Coming Thru Me, as Me. I KNOW I AM It.

My Body does not Need to have a Crisis for Me to get the Message. I AM Choosing to KNOW I Become Stronger and Healthier and Feel Greater as I Ascend and Deal with the Issues that I Need to Claim Love around.

Feminine Energy is Nurturing Energy and when I Speak up for Myself, I AM Nurturing Myself. Feminine Energy is Intuitive Energy that allows Me to Hear My Guidance.

Masculine Energy is Power/Action/Creating Energy.

Child Energy is the Creation.

When the Energies are Balanced the Child Energy has Enough Power to be Created.

I AM Expanding into the Field of All Possibilities.

My Divine Right Destiny is to Create Me, to be God.

I AM Creating who I AM. A mate wants to help. It's all about me and it's all about him and he needs to create him.

I Consciously Choose, in Every Moment of NOW, that
I AM a Woman who is Successful in the workforce and Makes Money. I AM a Woman who is Committed to Making More than Enough Money on My Own and I Choose to Feel Joyous and Excited and Sexual and Happy around that and I Hold My Focus on that, in Joy with an Open Heart, And So It Is.

I AM Committed to Allowing My Husband to Make More than Enough Money on his own.

I AM Committed to Allowing the Union of Us to Create More than Enough Money.

I Create the Completeness of Me.

Instead of Forgiveness - - - -

I Fall into My Heart and the Magnificence that I AM,
I Choose to Send Love and
Experience the Greatness of the Love that I Have
and Send that out to Everyone Whom I Perceived to have hurt, rejected, or abandoned Me,
and the part of Me that rejects Me.
To Experience the Freedom of Who I AM
I Open My Heart thru Choice and
Send Love out,
Thereby Transcending the Need to Forgive
or to be Forgiven in Any Way.

I Hereby Shift My Self Into the Divine Love that I AM.

I Command that I be Filled to Over-Flowing with Divine Love, Sending All Divine Love In Every Direction To Every One with Whom I Have Ever Interacted.

I AM Committed to the Experience of Divine Love that I AM.

I KNOW that I AM My Own Creator. I Accept that I AM the Highest Answer. That's Exciting. And I AM Directing and Claiming a Greater Flow of Money in My Life as an Even Exchange of the Love that I Send out and that's Exciting. So how much Love can I send out to Create an Exchange of Energy with the Universe and Allow a Lot of that Exchange of Energy to Come back to Me as Money?

I AM Joyful. I Choose Joy.

I AM Practicing Holding the Focus on Staying in the Highest Joy and Vibration and Choice that I Can.

There are no wrong Choices. I Create My Life. I Create it the Way I Want It. I Choose Peace and Joy and Love.

I AM Flowing Healthy Energy! I AM Joy!
I Hold My Focus, with an Open Heart, on Being Flowing Healthy Energy!

In this Moment of Now, I AM Clearly Directing My Self and All Energy to Come and Create the Healthy Flow of Healthy Energy throughout my Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul, Emotional, Chemical, Cosmic, and Dimensional. And So It Is.

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