Sunday, January 29, 2012

The word Happy can make you Happy

One morning, I couldn’t shake off the effects of a very sad dream. My face seemed to be dragging on the ground and my enthusiasm was even lower.

So, I decided to say the word Happy. I sure didn’t Sound happy. So, I said it three times. Happy Happy Happy. That felt okay, so I said it again. And I kept saying it, in groups of three. Happy Happy Happy. By about the twentieth time I’d said it, I was feeling better. Not exactly happy, but better.

So, I kept saying it as I prepared for the day, dressing, cooking breakfast, saying Happy Happy Happy. After about twenty more times I noticed that I was saying Happy Happy Happy in a Cheerful Voice. It was working!

So, I said it some more. Soon I felt like dancing, at 7:30 in the morning! Happy Happy Happy!

Do you feel happier now than when you started reading this? You’ve just read the word Happy 23 times. Notice how much lighter you feel.

Happy Happy Happy!

Why wait until you’re sad?

Say it now - Happy Happy Happy!

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