Sunday, January 29, 2012


After having balanced the energy, we are now unifying the One energy. We unify instead of balancing.

I unify all aspects of Myself.

I unify all energy. There are no longer polar opposite energies, i.e. good/bad, happy/sad, right/wrong. Now all energy is unified and so when we direct energy to act, all energy must follow our command and create only what we desire.

The rules, by their existence, indicate that there is a right and wrong way. Creation is the Only way.

I AM directing all energy now, the unification of the energy that I AM, on all dimensions that I exist on, in any time and space continuum, I AM directing the unification of all of my aspects, I AM clearly claiming and directing that My I AM Presence is the strongest force at work here and around the unification of who I AM. I AM justly supported and acknowledged in this life by the thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions I hold. and thru my free will, I choose to know, I AM Divine Wellness, I AM Divine Love, I AM bountiful money, I AM balance, I AM Joy, I AM Bliss and I AM Peace. Anything in my energy that is not in harmony and agreement with this must detach from me now. I invoke the rays, flames, and lights. I AM God. And So It Is. It's done!

I choose the thought I think. I choose the emotion of Joy/Love/Bliss that creates the vibrational match to that thought. I hold my focus on it and I keep my heart open. My brain is directed to be in alignment with the electromagnetic whole of the whole of this unification. And So It Is.

I AM Divine Love. Old things are falling away and new opportunities are there, if I choose to create them.

Mistaken Beliefs: I have to be a joyless creator. I'm too old to create.

I honor Myself as the magnificent, wise being that I am, knowing that I am entering the period of highest clarity and joy of creating, unless I believe the bs of this society. My heart knows.

Every moment, I choose what to create.

I AM Divine Love and I claim the fifth sheet around all of that.

I AM united in the knowing that I AM creating more fabulously, more magnificently, and in more Joy than I have ever created before in my beingness. And So It Is.

Mistaken Belief: I have to dim my light to take care of other people. From the giving up of myself comes all the glory. If I don't know what to expect, I don't know if I'm gonna be ok AND I don't choose anything and I don't feel good.

When I joyfully come forward to serve anyone that I want to serve, the love and the light who I AM radiates out from me even stronger because I AM amplifying the love that I feel.

I AM Divine Love around all of that and I choose to give myself the right and the love to choose everything that feels good for me, empowering for me, joyful for me and in Divine Love for myself and for everyone else. I AM that. I AM the unity of that. And so it is.

I AM the unification of the self worth and the love for myself that I am. Part of the way that I acknowledge my self worth and the love for myself is accepting, demanding, and allowing all money that is the exchange of energy of me to come back to me easily, effortlessly, and joyfully. That is my clear choice and direction, that I AM honored and supported financially in this life.

I joyfully claim, in this moment of now, that I am supported and acknowledged by all energy in this life. I AM supported by my paycheck, I AM supported by the people following thru for me, I AM supported and acknowledged that,Yes, I must get paid for this.

I AM the Balance of the frequency of Masculine, Feminine and Child and the radiation, the sending out, of my light within the electromagnetic whole of the whole, also known as the brain. I invoke the rays, flames, and lights. I Am Whole. I AM God. I AM The I. It's all about me. I AM unified and in balance of these things. And So It Is.

I AM the unity of Joy, of Love, of Peace, of Balance, and of Creation. I AM the unity of that. And every moment of now is when I create every thing.

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