Sunday, January 29, 2012

Susann Taylor Shier

notes from an interview by Jennifer McLean

Get Connected, UNIFY spiritual and material.

Work with separation, then we're done.

Find the balance between individuation and Collective Collaboration in Co-Creation with spirit.

Individuation instead of separation

Wipe the slate clean, what does my heart say is true for me -in connection- now?

fear of unknown (mental) must be overcome – by knowing everything is going to be alright

feeling a block (feeling) must be overcome – by climbing over the wall, commanding my life, creating

We don't have to know who we are or what our purpose is, the shift has happened, just go with it and create.

Be Creative.

Inspiration and Radiance.

No healing or trying to change anything, just inspire, transform by presence, draw forth, help others shift into
all that they are.

Shift from Healing to Connectedness.

Instead of “I AM a healer,” “I AM a gift.”

Lift unhealed area into the spiritual heart and reconnect to what already is, Light, Love and Create Motion of Life.

Wipe the slate clean of all the info about how to do relationships. Collaboration and Co-Creation.

We can reveal what a relationship can look like at other levels, where sacred union is already known and we are teaching each other how to be ok and be in the world together.

Choose Light.

Create from a Place of Knowing.

God is my life blood and I AM the hand of creation.

I AM Opulent, Majestic Splendor.

I AM Magic.

I Ground into my heart center, not the earth.

Go into Heart, claim it, claim the land, this is me, I Am sovereign over this space.

Invite mind into heart, give it the purpose of being true brilliance.

To Co-Create: Journey to my creator self
Know I AM Acknowledged and Supported
Take a deep sacred breath and feel my body being breathed by life
Feel that breath connecting to a universal Light source
Breathe that light source into my whole body and all around me
I AM that universal light source, that I came from originally, that I created my self from
Feel myself expanding into the larger dimensions, beyond this space, time, and dimension
Asking for my soul to take me into the field of creator/creation essence that I live in always and that supports me in Knowing Life
Allow it to show itself as any representation it wishes to use
I feel myself expanding as large and as out there as I wish to - I AM Light - I can go Galactic - I give myself permission
I embrace this creator/creation essence
I receive this Light essence
If I AM in a void, move towards a star – take it in
I feel how creation wants to be represented to me in 2012
I hold my magic wand and call creation/creator energy in thru my soul, knowing that all Light is with me in this
As I sense what's available, I breathe it down into my heart space
Maybe it's a sensation or a symbol or a vision
From my heart center filled with creation/creator energy, I feel my love of creation opening up again
I Love to Create.
I feel myself breathing this creative energy down into my abdomen, my womb space for creation.
I breathe it down to this place where knowing abides.
I AM the Power of Creation and
Magic is my medium.
I Know that as I hold the Power of Creation, only Creation moves radiantly from me, and in the world that I create.
And from this place of creation, I AM creating the world that I choose, as part of the world we are all co-creating from Love.
I AM a significant purposeful part of that right now.
I feel the wisdom of knowing my presence counts.
and from this moment on, I just ask, “What do I choose to create from this place now and now and now?”
My mind is in a place of brilliance
my heart will hold infinite love
I will hold a connection to the wisdom of the soul.
I will live in the power of all that is.
I walk lightly into my life with this beautiful community of beings.

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