Sunday, January 29, 2012


Everything is Energy. Our eyes perceive energy as light and color. Our ears perceive energy as sound. Our nervous systems perceives energy as vibration.

I AM JOY. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. The highest vibrating frequency is perceived as Joy/Bliss. I AM JOY.

I AM PEACE. When things are not as we wish them to be, we can feel anger. The opposite of anger is Peace. I AM PEACE.

I AM FREEDOM. When we stop fearing that things won't go our way, and start going with the flow, we experience Freedom. I AM FREEDOM.

I AM COMFORT. The mistaken belief that good is accompanied by bad must be released. We Can Be Only Comfortable. I AM COMFORT.

I AM SUPPORTED. Our spirit guides are always here. We need only call on them to feel their support.¹ I AM SUPPORTED.

I AM ACKNOWLEDGED. We are recognized as equals, powerful, magnificent, creating equals. Namasté. I AM ACKNOWLEDGED.

I AM LOVE. Love is Acknowledging, Respecting, Freeing, Admiring, and Cherishing. (and probably some other things) I AM LOVE.

I AM LOVED. See above. I AM LOVED.

I AM UNLIMITED. This refers to Everything, our power, our imagination, our manifestation abilities, our knowledge, the amount of Love we are receiving from Spirit, the amount of Love we can send out, Everything. I AM UNLIMITED.

I AM DIVINE LOVE. We are composed of three energies. Our Power is perceived as masculine energy. Our Intuition is perceived as feminine energy. Our Innocence is perceived as child energy. Claiming I AM DIVINE LOVE balances these energies. I AM DIVINE LOVE.

I AM VICTORIOUS. From birth, authority is exerted over us. When authority is abused, we can feel like victims. The opposite of victim is victor. I AM VICTORIOUS.

I AM KNOWING. It is only when we Know in our hearts that something will be created by our command that it is so. I AM KNOWING.

I AM CLARITY. This is how we receive our guidance from Spirit, undiluted, unambiguous, Clear. I AM CLARITY.

I AM CONNECTED. To manifest, we radiate our Light and connect with All Energy. I AM CONNECTED.

I AM GUILT-FREE. We are all Energy experiencing physical form and emotions. There is no right or wrong; there is only experience. Eliminate negative emotions, remember only the facts.² I AM GUILT-FREE.


I AM THE BLANK PAGE. We literally create ourselves every moment of every day. We can create ourselves as giraffes, if we please. I AM THE BLANK PAGE.

I AM RELEASING. In order to change how we are, we must release how we were. Creating occurs when we let go of the history that created the no longer desired manifestion. I AM RELEASING.

I AM SELF-LOVE. If you don't know what that feels like, say “I Love You, God,” several times and see what that feels like. That's it. I AM SELF-LOVE.

I AM PROTECTED. We manifest into our lives any 'danger' we perceive in order to learn from the experience. The outcome will be as we desire. I AM PROTECTED.

I AM THE OPEN CHANNEL. Our guides communicate with us through a channel that we can close. Their end is always open. I AM THE OPEN CHANNEL.

I AM GOD. We are all equal Gods, creating our lives as we choose. The One God exists as the energy we use to create what we want. I AM GOD.

¹When I first became aware of this, I called on Jesus and Micheal and they came and were on my right and left, respectively. I called on Jesus' mother, Mary, and his wife, Mary Magdalene, and they appeared behind and in front of me, respectively. I put my hands, fingers curled inward, against my upper chest. Jesus turned toward me and took my right hand in his, curling his fingers over mine, resting them against my chest. Micheal took my left hand in his the same way. Both of them were now facing me, their chests against my arms. Mary, behind me, reached around and put her hands over ours, her finger tips touching my chest. Mary Magdalene, in front of me, reached over Mary's wrists, to curl her fingers around our fingers and rest the backs of her fingers against my chest. Then we all became Light. I was a Light in the center and they united to become a Tube of Support. The Tube and I became One. Bliss.

²The correlation to this is that there is no need to forgive anyone, even yourself. Decide to stop feeling the negative emotions around unpleasant past events. Accept that things happened the way they did and that you chose it, lived through it, and learned from it.
Holding negative emotions is like drinking poison and expecting the person who 'wronged' you to die. It will kill you.

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